people & planet

Sustainability at Avor

In our view, sustainability plays a crucial role in creating the best avocado experience. With its unique health benefits, the avocado is part of the diet of the future. A predominantly plant-based diet is key to the transition to a healthy future for people and the planet.

However, we believe that sustainability does not stop with offering a healthy product. In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we are constantly working on operational excellence in our supply chain. This means paying attention to efficient transport methods, reducing food waste, using energy from renewable sources and using light and recyclable packaging materials.


Our employees are the heart of our company. Allesbeste believes in developing employees by giving them the opportunity to grow within the company. We offer various courses and development plans in South Africa and the Netherlands to bring our employees to a higher level.

It is important to us that our social sustainability efforts are in line with international standards. Therefore, we are assessed by external auditors. We have obtained certificates from SIZA (Sustainability Initiative South Africa) and Rainforest Alliance. In this way, we make our sustainability efforts tangible for our stakeholders and put our money where our mouth is.


Healthy soil, water management and biodiversity are the basis for successful production. With this in mind, we believe ecology should be an integral part of our business. We have implemented an Ecofarming approach, combined with micromanagement, where we carefully manage individual trees, rather than all at once.

With our Ecofarming approach, we combine economic and ecological techniques to ensure the sustainability of the environment and our business. Through careful design of our orchards, we have been able to improve our efficiency and thereby reduce our dependence on resources. We achieve lower transport, labour and fuel costs and apply chemicals more efficiently.

The improved orchard design reduces soil erosion, maintains natural vegetation and minimises water run-off. In addition, our more efficient irrigation designs reduce energy and water consumption. To illustrate, we have been able to reduce water consumption by 60-70%!