of avocado

Our farms

We grow our avocados on the Allesbeste Boerdery, a fourth-generation farm in South Africa. We supplement this with the harvest of carefully selected growers in other countries and so we can provide our customers with the best and most delicious avocados all year round.

Cultivation in South Africa

Allesbeste Boerdery consists of six farms in the valleys and mountains of Tzaneen in Limpopo, South Africa. The original family farm Allesbeste is still the largest and currently has a total of 150 hectares of avocado orchards. The head office is also located on this farm, the place where it all began.

Together with the other farms, Schultz, Vrischgewaagd, Humor, Avondshoek and Hansfontein, Avor has just over 575 hectares of avocado orchards in South Africa.

Farms in other countries

Allesbeste is known worldwide for its own breeding farm. Here, the micro-cloning technique was developed, which allows us to efficiently export plants to growers all over the world. Our breeding and selection programme has made it possible to grow Maluma on more than 2000 hectares worldwide. Today, Maluma is grown in all avocado-growing countries of the world. The latest addition to this cultivation landscape is India, which will start producing the first fruits within three years.

We carefully guide and advise all Maluma growers so that they can grow the best quality avocados in every climate. In addition, these certified growers can supply avocados for our unique Viavi brand.

Philosofy and approach ons our farms

Read more below about the principles and approach we stand for at Avor.

Farming philosophy

We strive to continuously improve our techniques, methods and practices. We are constantly looking for possibilities and innovations to produce with the highest efficiency and to achieve the best yields per hectare. In doing so, quality is of course paramount. Micromanagement is an integral part of this philosophy.

Research approach

All our research is result-oriented, applied research. We focus on practical innovations that can be implemented as quickly as possible. We look for solutions and opportunities outside our industry to ensure the best quality and optimise the shelf life of the avocados.

Ecology approach

We strive to improve the efficiency with which we grow: we want to achieve optimal results with optimal resources. By improving key aspects such as orchard design, water erosion, water consumption and orchard management, we can optimise the use of resources.