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The avocado originated in Central America, where the tree and its unusual fruit was discovered. Later, growers in other regions and areas also started to cultivate this versatile fruit. Thus, different varieties have been developed over the years. Today, avocados can also be grown in other climates, soil types and ecological conditions than those of Central America.

Our Allesbeste Boerdery in South Africa has been farming since 1927 and breeding and perfecting avocado varieties since 1960. By cross-cultivating trees, the best characteristics of different varieties are united. In combination with modern cultivation techniques, we can reduce water consumption, prevent soil erosion and, above all, grow excellent quality avocados.

From South Africa, we export not only avocados, but also avocado trees. A unique and extremely valuable initiative. By also planting our trees in other production countries, we have control over the entire process from seed to avocado. Our customers are therefore always assured of Avor quality.

Our varieties

At Avor we have a number of carefully selected varieties at our disposal. Below you will find an overview of these avocado varieties and their most important characteristics.


Hass is the most famous variety worldwide and also made a name for itself in Europe. The Hass avocado can be recognised by its rough skin, which has a dark colour after ripening. The shape of the avocado can be described as pear-shaped.

Lamb Hass

The Lamb Hass is very similar to the ‘normal’ Hass, with a slight difference. This avocado has a relatively small seed and is available later in the season. Typical of the Lamb Hass is its full, creamy flavour.


One of the finest products in our range is the Maluma. This avocado, developed on our own farms in Tzaneen (South Africa), has a number of unique characteristics. The beautiful, shiny green skin ripens to a dark purple and because of the small seed you can enjoy extra large quantities of this avocado. In addition, this variety has a longer shelf life in the shops. Moreover, the Maluma has a longer shelf life after cutting. An added benefit and certainly also important and appealing for the consumer!


The Fuerte avocado is the best-known green avocado and this variety is grown in many producing countries. Unlike the Hass avocado, the skin of this variety remains green after ripening. The Fuerte can be recognised by its pear shape. And the taste? Deliciously creamy!


The Pinkerton was discovered by accident and has large, round, green fruits with a smooth texture and dark, shiny skin. The flesh is soft and delicate with a slightly nutty flavour. The skin remains green after ripening.


Good packaging is essential for the protection and shelf life of avocados. Moreover, packaging can provide added attention value on the shop floor. At Avor we have a wide range of packaging. We have a suitable packaging solution for every customer. These include:

  • 4kg boxes
  • 10kg crates
  • Banderol 2-pack
  • Flowpack 2-3-pack
  • Netlon

Specific requirements?

Do you have a special packaging requirement? Please contact us! We like to help you in finding a suitable solution.